The ignition control that guarantees safe operation of the gas burning fireplace appliance

Expertise - Proflame 1 DFC

Electronic board for Proflame embodies SIT's gas control experience

DFC is an ignition control that manages the safety of fireplace appliance connecting to other Proflame components for the auxiliary features of the fireplace.

IFC is designed to integrate auxiliary functions of the fireplace in addition to managing the safe operation of the appliance

The Proflame 1 Digital Fireplace Control (DFC) board provides the automatic ignition and pilot flame supervision to command the functions of a hearth appliance.

It’s configured to control the ON/OFF main burner operation giving the choice of both IPI (intermittent pilot ignition) and CPI (continuous pilot ignition) modes.

The DFC board connects to the pilot assembly and to a Proflame valve 880, 886 or 885 family using low power consumption


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