Safety & Reliability

Enjoy the ambience while Proflame takes care of your safety

Safety & Reliability - Proflame

Proflame Gas Valves

Safety and reliability are two of the most important elements in the DNA of every SIT products.

 Proflame is a full-function system that meets all the fireplace design needs

Proflame gas valve is a family of multifunctional gas control with two redundant safety shut-off valves. They are specially designed for IPI/CPI fireplaces that can run on backup batteries during AC power outage.

Proflame configurations available: 

  • 880 Proflame: ON/OFF 
  • 886 Proflame: Manual HI/LO
  • 885 Proflame: Stepper modulation

Conversion kits available to change gas type and upgrade functionality



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