Proflame embodies SIT's nearly 70 years of gas control experience through cutting-edge technology

Innovation - Full-Featured System

The ultimate hearth experience

Innovative features to provide the ultimate hearth experience with focus on sustainability and environmental respect

ThermoElectric application: Proflame mV Gas Valve

820  – ON-OFF or High/Low operation

821  – ON-OFF or High/Low operation with POD (Pilot On Demand)

829  - Stepper motor modulator with POD (Pilot On Demand)

Electronic application: Proflame Gas Valve

880  – ON-OFF operation

886  – manual adjustment of the outlet pressure

885  – stepper motor modulator

Control Board

DFC: Electronic safety control with intermitted pilot ignition

IFC:  Electronic  safety control with intermitted pilot ignition and integrated system features.


Remote transmitters that manages the fireplace in ergonimic and attractive design.

Assembly pilot and ODS

A complete range of pilot assemblies for the safe and reliable operations of  vented and vent-free Proflame  fireplaces.



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